SRM Cost Savings & Revenue Growth

SRM – Cost Savings & Revenue Growth

SRM’s purpose is to improve a credit union’s bottom line by adding measurable value tying directly to work product and tangible, quantifiable benefits for each credit union.  Founded in 1992, SRM is an independent management consulting firm that draws from:

  1. Extensive experience by veteran subject matter experts;
  2. Current market insights around vendor strategy and market trends; and
  3. A proprietary benchmarking database specific to credit unions.

SRM employs a proven methodology to uncover cost savings, revenue-opportunities, and operational efficiencies. Specializing in aligning expenses with industry benchmarks and fostering supplier partnerships with a focus on quality and long-term stability. As a leader in enhancing the bottom line, SRM provides a fresh, innovative, results-driven perspective to supply chain management and purchasing strategy.

Further, SRM utilizes a no-risk performance-based business model for most engagements – an arrangement that demonstrates the commitment to cost savings and/or revenue enhancement for the credit union.

What You Can Expect

SRM’s subject matter expertise extends to every area where financial institutions have significant spending with third-party vendors or where efficiencies can be gained, including core processing, digital technologies, automation, and mergers and acquisitions. Through advisory services, SRM provides proven growth with the following services:

  • Contract Benchmarking;
  • Request for Proposal Development;
  • Vendor Selection;
  • Contract Negotiations; and
  • Vendor Invoice Audit.

Areas of Expertise

  • Payments – Card Branding, Debit & Credit Card Processing, PIN/POS Networks, Loyalty/Rewards
  • Technology – Core Processing, Digital Banking, Account Acquisition, Loan Origination

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